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Updated 7-06-2014

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Swagger Line Kennels is a small kennel located just outside of Atlanta, Ga and Chicago Illinois and we have currently expanded to Wake Forest, North Carolina as well. We specialize in producing only the best, putting the main focus on temperament, health, structure, drive, and size. We are hobby breeders meaning we do not make a living off our dogs! Swagger Line Kennels is a believer in the "true" American Pit Bull Terrier and its traditional look, however, we are fascinated with the XL evolution that this breed has shifted to. We like our dogs BIG! Although, we like them big, we WILL NOT sacrifice correct proportionality, structure or drive just to create a large dog. We ARE NOT in competition to produce the world's biggest pit bull; that is not a goal of ours. Our dogs are a part of our family where they are well taken care of, well exercised, well trained and not over bred, we can guarantee you this. Our dogs are top notch/elite.

Our dogs are kids first then pets. These dogs are a part of our family, rarely will we ever be seen and not have one of our kids with us. Breeding is just something that we decided to do once we got to own this fantastic breed. We want others to have that "I'm on top of the world feeling".  We want to see the XL APBT as usual house pets. We are all about changing the way people view this breed, with well-planned breeding's and thinking about temperament first we will definitely achieve it and help put an end to the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

Swagger Line Kennels specializes in XL pit bulls and Blue Pitbull puppies! We breed nothing but the best bloodlines to achieve our goal of producing the dog that we call perfect in our eyes! All breeding's are WELL PLANNED with superior meaning! We will ship pit bull puppies to the entire Continental U.S. and Canada. Each of our Pit Bull puppies that are shipped are sold with health certificates making sure that our blue pit bull puppies are not sold with illnesses or defects. We strive to be the model dog breeders for the American Pit Bull Terrier, not only in the Metro Atlanta area but throughout the U.S. and the world. Not only do we specialize in Blue Pit Bull Puppies but Champagne Pit bull puppies, Chocolate pit bull puppies, and Blue Fawn pit bull puppies! Swagger Line Kennels places heavy emphasis on owning and breeding Health, Temperament, Conformation, and Working Ability.









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